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Jupiter is an all-in-one-app to streamline your beauty business. From intake forms to client notes to image galleries to scheduling and deposits–Jupiter is a simple, mobile-friendly client-first application for beauty professionals… And they are just getting started.

Jupiter believes small businesses are the backbone of the communities they're apart of. These small businesses currently use many tools to operate, making running a business a very high-pressure process and inaccessible to lower-income communities. Jupiter’s mission is to help these small business owners by making affordable software so they can focus on their customers and their relationships. Jupiter believes in humanizing tech: putting people first and technology second.

Both the founders, Helen Tran and Rich Gilbank, come from the technology industry and thought there were many solutions, yet none of them were quite nailing it. Their goal is to get rid of the paperwork and though many solutions start at scheduling, they don’t believe that is the main time-sink of sole proprietor businesses.

Running a business has many aspects, such as mapping, intake forms, reminders, collecting money, and putting together before and after visuals, which all take a lot of time.

Intentional, Client-Obsessed, and Simple

“We know that many of you deeply care about your client experiences so we’ve done a lot of research into how to make it as painless as possible for your clients too,” says CEO, Helen. “We also have some firm stances about who we work for, which are beauty professionals like lash artists.” She explains how there are many scheduling tools that market to your client list, list you beside your competition, or charge client fees to book with you. Jupiter promises to never do that because they are here to support lash artists through building tools, not by monopolizing your clients.

The benefits of having a small development team at Jupiter is that they’re also the ones doing customer service to ensure the highest level of quality assurance and customer care. At Jupiter, the response time is usually less than an hour and most of the time can fix bugs or prioritize important features very quickly.

“By trade, I’m also a software designer–I spend the majority of my time watching beauty professionals run their business in real life,” says Helen. “Every feature we launch is tested with a professional and their end client for ease of use. Even after it’s launched, we continue to test, iterate, and make the product better when and if our users send us feedback.” As a business, Jupiter is very invested in the quality of the product they’ve built.

The Motivation Behind Jupiter

For Helen, the beauty industry raised her. “My mother was a hair stylist and nail technician growing up. I would spend my weekends at the salon with my mom or wait for her after school, but didn’t go that route myself,” she says. “I did some beauty and fashion photography for a while as an intense hobby before I found myself working in software design. The majority of my career was spent working on software to help people sell products online, on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc.” When she was ready to move on, she decided she wanted to help people like her mom embrace technology and see how affordable software can change the way they do business.

As a designer, Helen is another service-based professional very similar to a lash artist. A lot of her profession revolves around user research and talking to people. A part of the reason why she didn’t continue down other larger tech companies is because you lose contact with your users. “Jupiter only has a team of 4 people, with two developers–which is not a lot in tech! But, I get to answer all the emails and run all the interviews directly again–I love it!” she says. Hearing users talk about starting their businesses is the number one thing that keeps her going because she is doing the same thing.

When asked where Helen sees Jupiter in 5 years, she finds this question difficult to answer because start-ups change pretty rapidly, especially in tech. “I’d like to see us serving at least 100,000 beauty professionals in 5 years although I’ll take more if the stars align,” she says with a smile. Success is not necessarily measured by the number of users on the platform, but the amount of time Jupiter saves them and the more money they make them.

“From a product perspective, I want to really fulfill our promise of removing the pain of beauty operations. I want to see our clients make more money because they're using Jupiter.“

Captivating the Beauty Industry

Helen is very excited about where the beauty industry is going. “We’re seeing more women take ownership of becoming entrepreneurs and being proud of the income they are bringing in,” she says. “They have been around already, of course, but now with social media, I think people are taking more pride in their work. Up against that, we see the industry catching up to tech and letting it change it truly from the ground up.”

There used to be a few ways into the beauty industry and you mostly had to work in a salon because it was very difficult to be independent. Supply chains are changing with direct-to-consumer product lines, there are more mobile temporary studios for rental, beauty education that can be taught online, and pop-up experiences are becoming more popular.

“Beauty is becoming independent, more mobile, and more international. Nowadays: the world's your oyster!“

For Jupiter, the challenge they’re currently facing in the industry is signal versus noise. The pros of ubiquitous tech come with the cons. While it’s easier to talk to customers and find them, it’s hard to convince them to come to you because they have so many choices. It’s difficult to focus on your craft when you’re worried about running the business itself so Jupiter intends on removing the bulk of the operations work from the professional over time.

“As our product matures, we’ll be building more tools to make marketing easier and over time with integrations, we hope to eliminate book-keeping and other such tasks. All in due time!” says Helen. “While I’m excited about the trends in the industry, I’m so surprised there weren’t enough technical solutions to simple problems. It can help with a lot of the tedium of running a business and most of them I think are simple solutions, just no one has built them yet.”

Jupiter is the one place for everything with all your business tools in one app. ​Try it out free for 14 days​! For additional business and marketing content, ​check out their free resources​ for blog content, ebooks, Instagram templates, a business planner, and more!

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