Stellar Supplies and Comprehensive Training with Flutter with Flair

Flutter with Flair sells premium quality lash supplies and offers comprehensive lash courses at both the beginner and advanced levels. Based in Canada, Flutter with Flair caters to lash artists worldwide. The Founder, Tanvi Patel is also a Master Lash Artist and a NALA Certified Lash Educator. Her science educational background and training in the lash industry gives her a unique understanding of the chemistry behind eyelash extensions. Throughout the years, she has surpassed industry standards, continued to upgrade her lash education and kept up with the latest trends and products.

Tanvi entered the lash industry in 2015 with the determination to become an aspiring and sought-after lash artist. However, her dreams came to a halt when she discovered that she was allergic to the adhesive, with the exact ingredients still unknown. Thankfully, through research, she was able to continue her journey with minimal reactions.

“As the old saying goes; where there is a will, there is a way.”

In 2016, Tanvi started her home-based lash studio providing professional lash extension services. “Having the privilege to work with clients from different backgrounds, ethnicity, careers, and personalities–I knew I needed products to meet the needs of my clients,” she says. “After testing products from different companies around the world, I decided to create a platform that would allow lash artists to choose stellar quality products in our industry today.”

As a lash brand, Flutter with Flair has only been around for over a year. Tanvi says the entire process from testing products to branding has been quite enjoyable. “Working with brand ambassadors who love the product line up within such a short amount of time has been a great reassurance that the product selection wasn’t wrong,” she says. “Sometimes the clients make me feel that they love the products more than I do. It’s a great reminder of why I do what I do and a testament to my passion.”

Reliable, Customer-Oriented, and Passionate

Flutter with Flair takes on a customer-centered approach compared to most other platforms. They are dedicated to offering creative ways to build loyalty and enhance the experience of their customers before and after purchases. This is done by offering hard-to-resist promotional offers to build loyalty and determining collaborative solutions for potentially unsatisfied customers. Compliments and positive reviews from previous customers are a huge driving force behind Flutter with Flair. “I can’t prevent negative reviews, but it’s really the positive ones that reinforce me to do better and maintain a good repertoire,” says Tanvi. “The negative reviews drive me to offer better services and products.”

“It’s not just about maximizing profit but offering affordable prices without compromising quality. We’re proud of the quality of our products and know how much customers value a good deal on good quality products,” says Tanvi. “We also encourage our customers to share constructive feedback through review requests or email follow-ups. This helps us make adjustments and improve our business overall. For example, if there are any issues with delivery using our courier companies, we ensure to collaborate and find a solution that satisfies us both.”

Flutter with Flair is grounded in the following core values and expects the same from their brand ambassadors and students:

► Safety and Quality: Promote eyelash health through proper application, safe and sanitary environment, and highest quality products

► Integrity and Professionalism: Maintain certification and act with integrity and professionalism

► Accountability: Never make false claims or promises and stay informed of legislation changes

► Partnerships: Collaborate with world-renowned lash brands and lash artists

The safety and quality of their products are Flutter with Flair’s main priorities. They have a well-designed quality assurance program to maintain customer retention and satisfaction. It begins right from sourcing to dispatching products. The team is consistently in search of manufacturers that meet their standards and the product selection process can take anywhere from three months up to a year to test the quality before any final decisions are made.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction, orders are inspected two to three times before they are fully packaged. For example, the Flutter with Flair tweezers are triple-tested for quality before sending out to customers. The first time by the manufacturers to ensure it meets the required specifications; the second time is personally tested by Tanvi with 0.03 volume lashes to ensure it can pick up the thinnest lashes on the market; the third time right before it’s packaged for an order to make sure they’re still of the highest quality.

Pushing Through Discomfort

Tanvi remembers her first day as a student and how much her hands were shaking while isolating and placing the lash extensions. “I dropped more lashes than I picked up and within three hours, I may have only placed 20 extensions on each eye,” she says. “Meanwhile the other student was such a natural and had achieved 80% coverage.” On her second day of training, she fell sick with a nasty cough and runny nose that lasted an entire month. When she started to feel better, she started practicing on friends and family.

Once Tanvi started working on lash extensions again, her cold-like symptoms came back but worse. This pushed her to start conducting her own research to realize that the glue was the source of her hacking coughs. It just so happened that she was one of the few people who have an extreme sensitivity to the glue.

While Tanvi was ready to completely give up because her glue sensitivity wasn’t going away, she gave herself the goal of trying to make the money back that she had invested in the course. Armed with an air purifier, a proper mask, breaks between clients, and replacing the glue every three weeks, she realized that there was a way around it. After overcoming this hump, she shifted her focus to building a strong portfolio and growing a loyal clientele. When she was ready to take it further, she started her own product line up.

Within a year of starting Flutter with Flair, the business was nominated for the customer service award at the NALA Gala and made it to the top five. Then they were nominated for the lash brand of the year and now in 2020, nominated again for the customer service award.

Staying Up To Industry Standards

Tanvi explains that as the industry becomes saturated with new lash technicians popping up every day, the competition will increase as well. One of the ways lash artists are trying to combat this is by offering low prices. However, offering a service that typically takes an hour and a half, all the way up to four hours for a fraction of the cost shouldn't be the solution to stay competitive. “I learned that going for a cheaper price to get a certain type of service is the worst mistake you can make,” she says. “You don’t realize until it’s too late that you really do get what you pay for, but not in all circumstances.”

“I personally like balance, so I need good quality work but for a reasonable price. I think this is achievable.”

“Lash artists can forget that this is an intricate and timely process. The issue is that no regulations are governing the training programs so anyone can offer a training course, again for a low cost, and certify their colleague,” Tanvi says. “When newly certified lash technicians are paying such a low cost for their courses, the expectations for them to charge clients more isn’t justified. It’s important to find the root of the cause.”

Flutter with Flair will continue to offer comprehensive lash courses that meet the standards set by the NALA, but also work with other companies and potentially government bodies to establish appropriate regulations. Tanvi believes that instead of lecturing lash technicians to stop charging so low, it’s important for regulations to come into place so only certain programs are allowed to certify these artists.

Within the next three years, Flutter with Flair is looking to open storefront location(s) integrated with studio space where lash extensions will be offered as a service and academy space to push their lash courses within Canada and the USA. When asked where Tanvi sees where the lash industry will change in the next 10 years, she says, “I think lashes are here to stay, one way or another but the lash application techniques will improve. We will have to come up with more efficient ways to apply lashes so it doesn't take hours for an appointment—no one has that kind of time anymore”.

If you’re a business and/or individual interested in the Flutter with Flair, they have an amazing brand ambassador and distributor program where selected individuals can get up to 50% off the entire product line up. Each of the Flutter with Flair ambassadors has a discount code to share with others and receive a discount on products. To learn more, be sure to check out ​their website​, ​Instagram​ and ​Facebook page​.

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