Standing Behind EBL Lashes Professional Products

Lindy Williams has always had a love for creativity and an eye for aesthetics. She graduated at a young age from cosmetology school and immediately took her first lash class. Since then, Lindy has been certified an additional six times, won first place in classic lash application for the Lash Wars 2014, and went on to judge in 2015. Driven by her belief in continual education within the industry, she continues to find ways to elevate her skills, and in return, educate those around her.

With a passion for lashes, the need for great products, and a way to support her family, Lindy founded EBL Lashes in 2010. Her calling is to support lash artists in their careers while providing the best products and training. EBL Lashes is an industry-leading provider of premium eyelash extension products ranging from adhesive and remover to lash trays, tweezers, and even professional lash kits. Their curriculum and vast selection of products is everything that you will need to deliver exceptional service.

If you are just starting out in the industry or share their same belief in furthering your education, EBL Lashes also offers exclusive training courses to teach and enhance lash

extension techniques for all skill levels, in-person and online. While Lindy is based out of Utah, she now serves lash artists all around the world. “We hope you too can experience EBL Lashes and fall in love!” says Lindy.

Developed with Lash Artists In Mind

As a lash artist, you need supplies that are reliable, consistent, and high quality–this is where EBL Lashes come in. Soft, luxurious extensions that are true dark black and consistent with the curl, their line of products are known and trusted by lash artists around the world. “I am sure if you have tried a few brands, you have experienced one that has lost their curl and that's not normal. You won't have that problem with EBL Lashes,” says Lindy. It's one of the many reasons why their lashes are award winning.

When Lindy first started out, her priority was to ensure a high-quality product. She traveled to meet with numerous production companies to find a facility that could consistently produce worthwhile and affordable products. With the manufacturing process and high quality of products used in the process, EBL Lashes have a 2-year shelf life. Imagine extensions that can hold its curl for 730 days! To top it off, EBL Lashes was recognized for winning the “Best Lash Extensions Readers Choice Award” by ASCP Skin Deep as well as “Best Lash Products” by LNE Spa in 2019.

Staying Connected with the Lash Community

For Lindy, the most enjoyable part of EBL Lashes is being able to meet other lash artists. She believes that the lash industry will only get better from here. “It’s so exciting to evolve and better our company even more over time,” she says. When she first started off as a lash artist, there weren’t any lash events around. She had to Google everything she wanted to know, read books, watch YouTube videos, and hire professionals. Today, there are many opportunities to attend events and receive great training. While she enjoys attending these events for the socializing aspect, the knowledge is unbeatable.

“Success is when you feel you have achieved something great.”

Lindy started EBL Lashes all by herself as a single mother with a baby on her hip. If she could go back to the early stages of her lash career, she says she wouldn’t change a thing. “I’m happy with the way things have happened for us,” she says. “I was on a slow and steady path to building this business. The timing is just right for me.”

“I get asked a lot how to grow your business, how to grow a clientele, how to GROW basically,” says Lindy. “Well I’ll say this, you don’t grow by staying stagnant. You grow by testing your limits and investing in your business–not the purse you’re dreaming about.”

EBL Lashes is reliable, top quality, and loved by many lash artists. To learn more about EBL Lashes and experience their products and services for yourself, be sure to check out their website and Instagram.

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