Mastering the Art of Lashes with Julia from The Lashing Room

Whether clients want a natural look or amplified volume from corner to corner, this lash artist has the magic touch. With years of experience under her belt, Julia Powell is a 7x Certified Lash Artist and Educator specializing in classic, volume, and lash lifts. It's safe to say, her success stemmed from her belief that no matter your skill level, there is always room for improvement. By taking pride in her intimate training courses, she sees her students flourish through every aspect of their work and self-confidence.

As of January 2020, Julia will be relocating from Pickering, Ontario to the sunny state of Florida. She will be bringing her expertise and passion for lashing down south to create a hub for lash artists and enthusiasts to inspire and learn from one another. Regardless of where you are in your journey, there is always room in this evolving industry.

Journey to the World of Lash Extensions

Julia has always been involved in the beauty industry one way or another. After having lash extensions done on herself, she decided that there was potential in starting a lash business of her own. This encouraged her to take her first lash training course, but it was harder than she had imagined.

Becoming a lash technician requires great skill, precision, and patience. Julia realized that doing someone else’s lash extensions is a very difficult skill to master. After gluing her friend’s eyes shut during a session, she decided that becoming a lash artist wasn’t for her and tucked her lashing kit away for 6 months.

After stepping away from lashes, Julia enrolled in school for medical esthetics. To meet the 400 hours of clinical work required for completion, she started working at a spa. This spa offered eyelash extensions as a service and when their lash technician suddenly quit, Julia decided to take a leap of faith and speak up about her lash certification.

Despite having very little experience doing eyelash extensions, it was a great opportunity to practice. She started taking on clients and was able to meet her clinical requirements that way. As they say, practice makes perfect. With the hours she had put in, she was able to improve her craft and start the lash business she wanted.

“Starting a career in the lash industry was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. There is not a day that I wake up and dread going into work. Being able to utilize my creative side and make people feel beautiful is a complete success in my eyes,” said Julia.

Bouncing Back and Moving Forward

Starting a new career and business isn’t always smooth sailing. There was a time in the early stages of Julia’s lash career when she was booked back-to-back, but suddenly it died out. She went from having a full appointment book to only having 3 or 4 clients a week. Naturally, it was discouraging to hear that other lash technicians were booked solid until the new year.

To determine the underlying issues, Julia had to take a step back and reflect on what she was doing wrong. She went back to the basics, swallowed her pride, and realized that her lashes maybe weren’t as great as she thought they were. While her work had improved a lot from when she first started training, she knew she could do better. She went back to practicing on models to perfect her craft, build a portfolio, and came back stronger than ever.

“You will feel discouraged in the beginning and you will wonder why you started this, but keep going!”

Becoming a business owner, Lash Artist, and Educator has made Julia independent. It allows her to exercise her creativity in other ways than lashing itself. This includes brainstorming, networking, and setting deadlines to hold herself accountable.

To get where you want to be, you may have to make sacrifices. “I had to give up nights out with friends and weekends away in order to build my business,” Julia says. “Also, I had to give up spending on myself to put extra money back into the business.” By investing in her lashing business, she was able to see a great return on investment and opened the door to a whole community of people that she would have never known otherwise.

Celebrating Success

Julia believes in celebrating the little victories just as much as the big ones. “Success does not just pertain to the amount of money in your bank account,” she says. “Success to me is a beautiful balance of all aspects of your life.” Once you put the time and effort into growing one aspect of your life, you will notice everything come together. It’s about being consistent and dedicated regardless of what industry you are in.

To those that are interested in becoming a lash artist, Julia suggests working on as many models as possible to slowly perfect the skill. With every set you complete, you will gradually feel more comfortable and confident in your work. Once you gather the experience and grow your portfolio, your clientele will come.

Mindset is everything. It will be difficult when you first start, but you will need to be persistent and push through to see success. You may even get comments from friends and family who don’t believe you can turn lashing into a career. “Say nothing and just keep building your business,” says Julia. “The money will make them understand.”

There will also be times during your career when you will need to be stern and put your foot down. Julia admits that she is too kind at times and she let things slide when she knows she shouldn’t. Eventually, she realized the importance of setting rules and boundaries with employees and clients. Enforcing something as simple as a cancellation policy will make a huge difference in how your business operates day-to-day.

Julia Powell will continue taking the lashing industry by the storm and we wish her the best of luck in Florida. To learn more about her business, ​check her out on Instagram​!

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