Inclusive and Extraordinary with Monique from MLASHBAR PRO

With over 10 years of experience and knowledge, Monique Marsh is a Lash Educator, Designer, and Owner of the lash design academy, MLASHBAR PRO. Her mission is to create a movement based on integrity, high standards, and care. The lash academy covers every aspect of lashing from application to the real deal about business to guarantee students have the confidence to create without limits.

For Monique, it’s about standing out from the rest. MLASHBAR PRO creates an avenue that is inclusive and extraordinary. It’s where individuals can look and feel confident knowing that they are simply getting the best quality service, products, and training. “The industry is not designed to cater to women of colour, MLASHBAR PRO highlights techniques and skills that set lash artists apart from the rest,” says Monique.

Chase for Challenges

The journey of lashes began when friends needed Monique’s assistance to put on clusters (yes, you read that correctly). Sometimes life takes you in a direction you never saw yourself going - Monique fell into the industry by doing a favour for a friend. She managed to apply them in such a natural way that her friends started promoting her work. Soon after, her mother started enforcing her to start charging and doing lashes professionally.

When asked if Monique would have done anything differently during the early stages of her lash career, she said she honestly wouldn’t change a thing. “As I reflect, I love my work ethic. It has been ingrained in me since childhood,” she says. “I never said no to an opportunity, client, or any challenging situation. I think that’s what made me who I am today.”

“Don’t do it for the money. Do it only if you love intricate repetitive work and the true care for people. It’s a personal service industry.

Monique’s passion for the lash industry comes from self-motivation and the hunger for challenges. She looks past the income potentials to focus on the larger value it brings. “We all think success is money when it really is the balance of happiness in every aspect of your life,” she says. “Balance is the key to happiness and I don’t believe in sacrificing your health for success.”

However to get where Monique is today, she had to give up a lot of summers and sleep. For most women her age, your 20s are all about having fun with friends and going on vacation, but Monique was busy building an empire. She was constantly investing in herself and her business to get where it is today. It has taught her to be resilience and now, she owns two beauty companies.

The greatest piece of advice that Monique has received is to not let anything or anyone take away your joy. The best part about owning a business is being able to make it your own. Find joy and passion in your work, while being consistent. If you put the hours into perfecting your craft, your business and portfolio will grow alongside. A typical workday for her consists of 40% teaching and client application, 30% business strategizing, 20% marketing, and 10% meetings.

Internationally Educational

Monique finds ways to give back to the lash community by offering intensive courses through her lash academy. With a decade of knowledge condensed into her courses, she is all about increasing the betterment of other lash artists. Her courses cover everything you would ever need, such as Canadian laws, product knowledge, workplace safety and sanitation, lash application, photography, business, marketing, and more.

“I learned the lash game the hard way with no guidance, poor product, and working with the most challenging clientele,” says Monique. “I was raised by entrepreneurs and went to school for marketing and photography.” With her strong background on the business side, she can give back to the future, new, and seasoned lash artists in the industry.

“Be a student to everyone you meet, no matter what credentials you have.”

Discipline, patience, and consistency are three personal attributes that Monique believes are essential for success. With the right skills, professionalism, and extremely unique branding for your business, it will allow new lash artists to stand out from the rest of the crowd. As a new lash artist, you will need to believe in yourself and learn to trust the process. When Monique first started, she thought she was simply not doing enough to be successful, however, she realized that she had proven herself wrong.

While the feeling of success may not always be constant, there are many things you can do to keep pushing forward. For example, the beauty industry tends to slow down during the winter, especially right after the holidays. During this time, Monique focuses on engagement, marketing, and upgrading her customer service to keep her business elevated.

“In today’s society, there are many ways that people can be successful,” says Monique. “There are different needs in the beauty industry and it is always booming.” While the beauty industry may seem crowded, don’t feel discouraged because there is room for everyone to grow. It is evolving more each year as people are taking the industry more seriously. Monique believes that as the industry becomes more regulated, more lash artists will start specializing their craft and take it to a macro professional level.

As the industry continues to grow, so will Monique and MLASHBAR PRO. To learn more about her business, you can ​visit her website​ and ​check her out on Instagram​!

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