Creation, Passion, and Growth with Charity from Lash Likha

Likha–a beautiful Filipino word meaning creation through intelligence and skill, which sums up what Multi-Certified Artist, Charity De Guzman achieves through her work. She is a Lash Artist, Educator, and Owner of Lash Likha, specializing in extensions, enhancements, and lift. Lash Likha is committed to honouring the diverse beauty in Toronto by providing lash artistry that is personalized to the client’s desires.

Charity was introduced into the world of lashing from her own obsession with getting lash extensions done. She knew firsthand how lash extensions can enhance your beauty and give you a boost of confidence to take on the world. With the desire to help other women achieve the same positive energy, she decided to start a career in eyelash extensions by offering a multitude of lash styles and using only the highest quality products.

Flourishing in the Lash Industry

Charity invested a lot of time to create a thriving lash studio and academy in Toronto. She knew where she wanted to take her business, so she put everything into creating the lash empire she has today. While she doesn’t believe there was a certain point in her career where she felt like she “made it,'' she does feel like she is doing something right by being able to support and inspire other lash artists through mentorship, training, and lash socials.

“I became hungry and aspired to be the best at all times. I didn’t settle for anything less.”

When Charity first started her career in the lash industry, her definition of success always included client and student satisfaction and being able to earn a certain amount of money. However now after a few years of building her business, a larger part of success involves being able to do other things that make her happy. This means prioritizing time with her friends and family while putting a stronger emphasis on self-care. Success to her is being able to find the right work and life balance.

Being able to balance work with life will prevent burnout and allow you to feel more refreshed and motivated day-to-day. For overworked lash artists and teams that need to feel re-energized, Charity suggests taking a step back and figuring out your “why”. “Wanting what others have is not the right answer,” she says. “Knowing your why will generate the motivation and refresh energy to continue to chase your dreams.”

Words for New and Upcoming Lash Artists

To lay the foundation for success, the obvious personal attributes that all lash artists should have is passion, hard work, and creativity. Charity emphasizes that you need to have a desire to do more than just profit. Whether your goal is to fuel your desire for starting a business or the passion to make women in your community feel beautiful, it will drive you towards success. This goal will be different for everyone, but make sure that it’s what you want to do. If you put your heart into something you love, the money will come.

“I find most students only fall in love with the benefits of becoming a lash artist,” Charity says. “Sure the money and flexibility that comes with the career are amazing, but once they experience the immense time, effort, and investment involved to become a great artist, they give up before they can even make it in the industry.”

Building a business takes a lot of work. Only 40-60% of Charity’s 8-hour workdays are spent lashing as the rest is spent on researching, social media marketing, and interacting with other lash artists, students, and clients through messaging, social media, and in-person meetings. These are all necessary parts that help her lash business continuously grow.

Charity believes there are two other attributes that no one ever talks about but are just as important to drive towards success. The first one is resilience–being able to grow and learn from failure. “Life is a roller coaster,” she says. “Crumbling at the first sign of trouble will hinder your success”. It’s important to stick through the tough times because they will only make you stronger.

The second attribute is confidence. It’s about being able to prove your abilities, know your worth, and follow through with your claims. “How can clients be sure of your services and education if you don’t believe in yourself?” asked Charity. Lash artists need to believe in themselves and the work they provide even during the early stages of their careers. With the more hours you put in, the better your craft will get but you need to have the confidence to push through.

Fueling Her Career Growth

Charity spent years collecting knowledge, skills, and experience while traveling and meeting other artists which have helped her create her own styles and techniques to give her clients and students the very best and latest. This profession has allowed her to live her very best life by combining everything she loves. Charity believes in following your passion, finding your inspiration, and being driven by self-improvement while staying true to yourself.

We asked Charity if she could go back to the early stages of her career, what she would have done differently. She responded with, “I would instill my willingness to learn. Some people think they know it all, like myself, but we don’t.” Charity believes the best way to advance within your career is to be open to learning new skills and techniques throughout your journey. Only then can you grow professionally, personally, and technically.

“On the business end, I would have started a marketing and advertising strategy early on in my career,” Charity says. “I realized I couldn’t do it all. Bringing my husband onto my marketing team to take care of photography, visual design, and videography has catapulted my lash career and helped me focus on learning new lash skills.”

The lash industry is constantly evolving and advancing at a fast pace. Charity will continue to put her heart into helping her students thrive, clients feel beautiful and strengthening the community of lash artists. To learn more about her business, you can ​visit her website​ and check her out on Instagram!

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