Creating a Lash Empire with Fendi from The Lash Shop

Passion and curiosity can take your dreams to a whole new level. Fendi Oung is an Accredited Lash Artist and Owner of The Lash Shop - a quality lash brand for professionals, and an award-winning lash extension training academy. Her latest accomplishments include winning the 2019 NALA Award for Comprehensive Curriculum, and the 2019 NALA Award for Customer Service.

Fendi’s lash journey started back in 2014 as a side hustle when the industry was still young. At the time, the quality of training wasn’t the best so she had to figure out a lot of things on her own. Through research, and trial and error, there were a few moments when she wanted to give up. One of her greatest struggle back then is something beginner lash artists know all too well: lash retention. Poor retention made it difficult to retain clients. Determined to never give up, it was through continued research and education that she eventually became an expert on adhesive. With a mentor's mindset, she started to share her knowledge and experiences with other lash artists.

As a result of constant changes in the industry and the expansion of new products and techniques, Fendi is always actively participating and contributing to the community to ensure clients and students receive the best products and most up-to-date training techniques.

Bringing Lash Artists Together

With her profound knowledge, confidence, and passion in the lash industry, Fendi hosts “Lash Night Out” events to bring local lash artists together. She understands that the journey can be lonely sometimes and difficult for outsiders to understand the struggles and accomplishments of being a lash artist.

Instead of viewing other lash artists as competition, Fendi focuses on collaboration and networking. Her vision is to bring lash artists together in a safe and happy environment where they can all bond over food and the passion for lashes.

To continue supporting the community, Fendi offers exclusive mentorship opportunities to help struggling lash artists fine-tune their application and grow their business. This is one of her many ways of giving back. Unfortunately, not everyone will start with a great education experience, but she doesn’t want anyone to feel discouraged because they weren’t given the tools to succeed. “I want everyone to be the best they can be,” she says. “I want to provide as much knowledge for those who need it.”

Everyone’s Unique Journey

Everyone will have their own unique journey in the lash industry. It’s important to avoid comparing your journey to someone else’s, especially through the lens of social media. Fendi admits that she is always pushing to strive for perfection, but over the years, she has learned that perfection doesn’t exist. “The goal is to continuously be and do better than yesterday,” she says.

“Don’t compare your journey to someone else's.”

For Fendi, success is when you have a balance between your career and personal life. “Everyone has their own success and we should never compare our own success to others,” says Fendi. “Success isn’t always measured by how much money you make. You can have all the money in the world, but still, be unhappy.”

During the early stages of her lashing journey, Fendi admits to giving up self-care and personal relationships with friends and family to work on her business. She isn’t proud of it, but she had tunnel vision and was determined to invest in her business to one day create a lash empire. “I worked a full-time job and a part-time job while working on my lash business,” she says. “I would work about 90-100 hours per week. Instead of sleeping, I would take clients at odd hours.”

With the crazy hours that Fendi was working, she realized that she needed to find balance otherwise she would experience burnouts. Now her typical work days consist of 60% on her lash business and 40% on her personal life. Having a balance keeps her motivated to do more because if you burn yourself out, it will lead to inefficiency and poor results.

A Lifelong Commitment

The majority of our lives are spent working. Building the career you want is a lifelong commitment. Fendi suggests that it’s best to be in a field where you love your job. “If you follow your passion and invest in your work, the money will follow,” she says.

Building your career will also take great dedication. Fendi believes that working on your business isn’t just to perfect your craft, but it’s about finding ways to be more efficient and effective. It’s about bringing your business to the next level, whether that’s by improving your client retention or growing your business through new techniques and services.

If you're looking for extensive lash training, or to purchase high-quality products, Fendi is your girl. To learn more about her business, you can ​visit her website​ and ​check her out on Instagram​!

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