Building a Foundation for Success with Borboleta Educator, Jessica Knipe

Jessica is a 5x Certified Lash Artist and Educator with over four years of experience under her belt. Her main goal is to completely customize each lash service to give every client their desired look. Now after building her social media through beauty blogging and her online portfolio, she uses her platform to promote positivity, confidence, and self-love.

After realizing a career in the medical field wasn’t for her, she was naturally driven towards the beauty industry. She began as a professional makeup artist looking to further advance her career, however, it wasn’t until a mentor convinced her to take a lash extension course on the side. With a passion for all things beauty, learning lashes was the perfect addition and blossomed her career more than she could have imagined.

Thriving as a Lash Artist

If one has desires to become a lash artist, getting the right education will create the foundation to excel in the artistry. Jessica recommends new and upcoming lash artists to invest in your career to grow your skill level and network within the industry. “I have no other words but go for it! Remember we all start somewhere,” she says.

To complement your education, you need to have passion. Jessica states that lashes aren’t as easy as many may believe and will use it as a way to “get rich quick”, but there are many obstacles that lash artists need to conquer to grow their businesses.

“It takes true passion and love for lashing to grow your clientele and your name in the industry,” she says. “If you truly want it, you will do what it takes.”

As Jessica grew in her career, so did her definition of success. She used to believe that money equals success because of how it’s embedded in our minds. However, her feeling of success truly comes from her clients, being able to express herself at socials and help other lash artists. “Seeing the smiles on my beautiful clients is what fulfills me. I focus on each client and their individual experiences,” she says.

“The lash industry is beyond profitable, but success comes from expressing your passion and individuality.”

Jessica believes she will always strive to further her career as she doesn’t believe that growth has a finish line. “I must say though, the day I was asked to interview as the first Canadian Borboleta Beauty Educator was a day I will never forget,” she says. “It was something I had dreamt of but never truly felt was attainable.” Moments like that allow her to realize that her perseverance was paying off. Whether or not she got the job, her hard work was being noticed and appreciated–something she will forever cherish.

Develop a Success-Driven Mentality

Becoming a lash artist is a very fulfilling job, however, there will be tedious and stressful days. Jessica explains that lash artists are always expected to be their best self all the time–this is especially with such a client-focused career.

“Mindset. Mindset. Mindset. With a clear frame of mind, you can conquer the world!”

Jessica suggests lash artists take a moment each morning to appreciate your art, talent, and yourself as a whole. “I can promise you that success will follow with persistence, but don’t forget to enjoy the ride,” she says. “It’s the difficulties we face that will help us grow into the entrepreneurs we dream to be.”

The beauty of the lash community is everyone’s willingness to support one another. If you’ve hit a void in your career, don’t be afraid to speak up. Learn and gather inspiration from other lash artists because you’re not alone. “Stand by your fellow artists and rise to the top together,” says Jessica. She believes that with a clear frame of mind and the support from others, you can conquer the world.

As a lash artist, it’s also important to know your worth. Jessica had to let go of the willingness to please everyone. “I love making everyone happy regardless of what it takes, but in the end, you need to do what’s best for your business and yourself as an artist,” she explains. “Being a business owner, I’m an entrepreneur, an artist, a bookkeeper, a receptionist, and the list goes on. I gave up on the idea of having a 9-5 job to wear several different hats for a 24/7 career that I have never been so proud of.”

Jessica admits that like most business owners, she works crazy hours. She explains that many lash artists work differently, but it’s about finding what works for you. “I work on clients for 10-12 hours a day, Monday-Thursday while taking half days on Fridays. Although they are lengthy workdays, I schedule 15-30 minutes between each client in case appointments run behind on schedule,” she says. “I give myself weekends to refresh, have time for myself or with friends and family. When I’m not working with clients, I’m working on the other attributes of my business or teaching courses around the country.”

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

We asked Jessica if she could go back to the early stages of her lash career, what she would have done differently. She explained that being a perfectionist, the early learning stages and lash training was very difficult for her. At the time, there wasn’t a strong support system as there is now and she wasn’t present on social media or networking as much as she should have. “I was more focused on my frustrations with technique, such as placement or fan-making, rather than my progress. If I had taught myself a more positive mentality sooner, I may have avoided a ton of stress,” she says. “I would have told myself to take my time or that even though my technique may not be perfect, it all starts with effort.”

If you’re ever feeling burnt out and need to be re-energized, Jessica suggests taking a break. Whenever she needs time for herself, she unplugs to alleviate the pressures of social media and joins a hot yoga class to help with the physical stress of lashing. Her absolute favourite way of relighting the flame with her artistry is by networking. Going to an event, talking and relating with other lash artists and beauty professionals can be very inspiring. She explains, “We are such an uplifting community and when you’re vulnerable and share your struggles, you may be surprised to hear exactly what you need–to get back to your passion fully energized and ready to own it!”

“The industry will continue to flourish and grow–there’s only up from here!” says Jessica. “I can just imagine us all standing at the top hand-in-hand, conquering the beauty industry and setting examples for future generations. Lash styles may change, techniques may improve, but our industry core values and passion are forever.”

Your craft will grow, and business will start blooming if you put the work in. The best part of running a business is that not one day is the same. Jessica actually had the pleasure of working on the talented and beautiful, Katherine Heigl, while the actress was living in Toronto working on the show ​Suits ​. “I have never been so terrified, yet excited in my life. Who knew lashing would bring me to a one-on-one experience with a celebrity,” she said.

Jessica will continue using her positive energy, passion for the industry, and online presence to bring the lash community closer than ever. To learn more about her business, you can ​visit her website​ and ​check her out on Instagram​!

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