Be Bold. Be Dramatic. Be Mazikeen.

In folklore, Mazikeens were magical beings that exhibited both angelic and human qualities. They could change their appearance and perform acts of magic and enchantment. Lash Artists, much like Mazikeens, create works of art so it was only fitting that Founder and CEO, Cynthia Chiang, named her company after these magical beings.

At Mazikeen Lashes, they endeavor to create and procure the finest products. Designed by lash artists, their one of a kind products caters to the lash artist, the craft, and the client. Their innovative and high-quality products assist the lash artist in achieving their best so that their clients can feel confident and beautiful.

Cynthia has been a lash artist for 4 years and offers professional services at all levels of artistry–classic, hybrid, Russian volume, and mega volume. Throughout her career, she tried numerous brands of lashes that were available in the market but failed to find one that she was 100% happy with. This led to conversations with other lash artists about their experiences and organically, a wish list of wants and needs evolved.

With Cynthia’s personal experiences as a lash artist, feedback from other local professionals, and Mazikeen Lashes’ team background, they developed innovative solutions to these everyday issues. Mazikeen Lashes was built from their love for the industry. Whether it’s through their designs, product innovations, or the pieces of art they create, their passion for lashes shines through in their work. As a lash artist herself, Cynthia and her team are always looking for ways to create, evolve and improve upon products. They’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback!

“When you have this much passion for something and you believe in it wholeheartedly, you never get tired of it.”

Premium Products by Artists, For Artists

Mazikeen Lashes offer Russian volume and mega volume eyelash extension products and accessories, with more products coming soon! Their Japanese mink lashes are formulated to create the softest and darkest true black blend, ensuring a bold and dramatic finish. With the various length ranges, it gives lash artists the freedom to create any desired effect for their clients.

By staying active within the industry as a lash artist, the team at Mazikeen has a keen interest in continuous learning and constant improvement. Working alongside other lash artists to address and provide solutions for their everyday tasks has led the company to where they are today. Mazikeen Lashes is their passion project, so they truly welcome any and all feedback.

Mazikeen Lashes differentiates itself by taking "by the artist, for the artist" to a whole new level. Their team took the time to interview numerous lash artists to gain a clear understanding of the challenges they face and uncovering the shortfalls of the existing products on the market in the process. Using this feedback, they were able to create a high-quality product, packaged in a tray that was specifically designed to be more ergonomically friendly for the way lash artists use the product. After testing numerous prototypes and hundreds of samples, they have arrived at a product that they are proud of.

The resulting product is every lash artists' dream:

► A lash tray that has a cut-away panel for easy tweezer access and side labelling to effortlessly find the curl/diameter of choice.

► Extensions that hold the perfect true black hue to softness ratio. Their lashes are double heated during the manufacturing process for maximal curl retention and consistency. They come placed on foil backed strips for ultimate durability and usability.

► True value with 20 lines of the product (67% more than competitors), and lengths ranging from 6-15mm to create your desired effects.

At Mazikeen Lashes, quality assurance to ensure a high level of consistency and quality is of utmost importance. Their operations manager comes with a background in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and ISO auditor training. Here are a few measures they have put into place to guarantee the quality of their products:

► Their manufacturing facility utilizes custom tooling and jigs to further reduce measurement errors.

►They employ a quality control manager overseas to oversee the entire manufacturing and assembly process while enforcing their standard operating procedures.

► Mazikeen Lashes products are inspected with care before being shipped to Canada and go through an additional quality check when they arrive before being delivered to lash artists.

The team meticulously test for defects, deficiencies, and significant variations at all levels of manufacturing and packaging, and therefore, are confident that these will be fulfilled on each order.

Ergonomically Designed and Eco-Friendly

After intensive research, Cynthia discovered that there was a lack of loyalty to any particular lash product. Many of the products on the market simply did not meet the needs and expectations of lash artists from the quality or cost perspective. Mazikeen Lashes has invested a lot of time and effort to ensure that its products are of high quality and provide great value. They have designed a custom tray that is ergonomically correct for the way lash artists use the product. With their dedication to quality and functionality, they hope it will result in a great desire for lash artists to use the products over and over again.

Mazikeen Lashes is also committed to doing its part to address broader global issues, like climate change. As a company, they are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. To date, they have come up with four ways to repurpose and reuse their beautiful lash trays that all lash artist can feel good about:

1. Their beautifully designed cases make for a gorgeous aftercare kit to be gifted to clients. Just add a couple of silicone mascara wands, a cleansing brush, your business card, and personalized aftercare instructions, then you’re set!

2. By incorporating 20 lines of product into the trays, Mazikeen Lashes reduce the number of lash trays needed to be produced and sold. Four of their lash trays accommodate the same amount of product that a competitor would use 5-6 lash trays for!

3. By removing a panel from the lash trays for easier tweezer access, Mazikeen Lashes have essentially created the perfect palette tile for lash artists to work directly out of the box and keep those lashes safely encased while not in use.

4. You can turn the used lash trays into a PROmade fan storage tray with their Maze Pro Base Inserts. Simply stick the insert into your tray and you’re ready to fan and crystallize to your heart’s desire!

In addition to all the above, Mazikeen Lashes silicone accessories can be cleaned and reused as a more environmentally friendly option than the one-time-use disposables.

Be Bold. Be Dramatic. Be Mazikeen.

By continuing to work as a lash artist and maintaining a presence in the lash community, Cynthia and her team aim to continue identifying and addressing the need of lash artists. In 5 years, they hope to be the number one provider of Russian volume/mega volume eyelash extensions in North America. Mazikeen Lashes will continue to be regularly involved in events, such as these, so they can give back to the industry that gives so much to clients.

Coming from a science-oriented background of kinesiology, psychology, and rehabilitation, moving into the lash world has been liberating for Cynthia. Creating Mazikeen Lashes has allowed her to learn about art, business, design, manufacturing, marketing, and social media management. The most gratifying part about the process has been her ability to create solutions for the challenges faced by lash artists. Seeing their products in use and receiving positive feedback from lash artists has been extremely rewarding.

“Someone once told me that we’re supposed to work hard in our full-time jobs so that we can get money to do the things that we like. I want to be a role model for my daughter in the exact opposite scenario and show her that if you work hard on your passion and offer something of value, you can accomplish anything!”

Since starting Mazikeen Lashes, Cynthia has developed a newfound respect for the amount of work that goes into creating your own brand. “It has been quite the journey and a steep learning curve, to say the least,” she says. “But I have also come to learn that the lash world is an extremely supportive community that I am lucky to be a part of. I appreciate each and every lash artist I have met in the industry thus far, and have received more insight than I could have imagined.”

While Cynthia is excited about the trends in this industry, she is so surprised there weren't enough technical solutions to simple problems. It can help with a lot of the tedium of running a business and most of them I think are simple solutions–just no one has built them yet.

“The lash industry is still young, so it will be interesting to watch the next 10 years unfold. I believe we will continue to see further advancements in technology and innovation,” Cynthia says. “In the past year, we saw great progress with Ruthie Belle’s Dark Matter, Lash FX Lash Attraction/ Magnetic Lashes/ Magic Liner, UV Light Glue Curing, etc. The potential is still limitless so it’s hard to foresee, but Mazikeen Lashes intends to remain at the forefront of technology and aims to incorporate the latest innovations into our future product offerings.”

At Mazikeen Lashes, they love the concept of ‘rising tides’ so they encourage each and every one of you to try their products for yourself–they welcome any and all feedback. With your input, their team can continue refining their products to meet your needs and help take your art to a whole new level. “So let’s work together to lift the industry and help our clients look and feel their best. Let’s help each other transform them into the best versions of themselves,” says Cynthia.

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Be sure to follow their journey ​@mazikeenlashes​ on Instagram and Facebook and ​visit their website​ to learn more about their designs.

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